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Tools of the Trade

by Revds. J. Redvers Harris and D.J. Sherwood What we are seeking to do is to give what is, in effect, a short book criticism aimed primarily at those involved in Parish Ministry so that each of you can have [...]

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Reform Update

Through a Glass Darkly RECENTLY A FRIEND drew to my attention an interesting juxtaposition of articles in the same edition of the Church Times (30/1/98). One concerned a clergyman who had employed (albeit somewhat irregularly) a man to engage in [...]

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Paul Kent reflects on patronage in a changing Church and changing world IN THE MATRIX of checks and balances which have given guidance and structure to the Church of England through good times and bad, the contribution of patronage is [...]

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STORYTELLING: A practical guide, Lance Pierson, Scripture Union, pbk, ISBN 1-85999-094-0, 128pp, £5.99 THIS IS A DIFFERENT kind of book from any I have reviewed before or, for that matter, from any I have seen reviewed before in New Directions. [...]

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Letter from America, March 1998

Seekers and EsotericsTHERE IS A GREAT debate among conservative American Christians on whether the Church should remake itself to "engage the culture" or maintain its tradition even when it is culturally eccentric. The first group, who call themselves "seeker sensitive," [...]

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Letter from Australia

Women Bishops, Lay Celebration and AEO ANGLICAN BISHOPS and priests feel ill-equipped to deal with the challenges facing the church in Australia, with nearly half of them reporting high to very high stress levels and more than one in ten [...]

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Synod Insider

Turnbull Triumphant THE FEBRUARY GROUP of Sessions was a proverbial good thing for the Archbishop of Canterbury. He was in fine fettle, as well he might have been. The long process of reform of the Church of England's structures, started [...]

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