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GIVE AS YOU EARN Forward in Faith is now registered with Give as You Earn, to receive payments through pre-tax Payroll Giving. Why not enquire of your employers to discover whether they are contracted in the scheme and are able [...]

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The Pill is 40 IT IS EXACTLY forty years since the oral contraceptive Pill arrived in Australia. Much has been made of this anniversary by the media, who have treated us to a flow of predictable articles detailing the Pill's [...]

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Continuing Africa TEN DAYS in January consolidated the continuing church movement in South Africa with the consecrations and enthronements of three bishops for the Church of the Umzi Wasi Tyopiya (Traditional Rite) and the enthronement of a bishop for the [...]

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Synod Insider

THE GREAT COMMISSION DISCRIMINATION is a dirty word, isn't it? Over the years we have come to accept that discrimination on grounds of skin colour has no place in the Christian scheme of things. Anglicans, in particular, came to terms [...]

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the WAY we live NOW

Room 101 THERE ARE SOME things one simply does not see the point of. For me gambling is certainly one of them. I know plenty of people who get positive and obvious enjoyment from the National Lottery, and are willing, [...]

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30 Days

A BRIDGE ROLL TOO FAR. YOUR EDITRIX, a shy and retiring soul, is seldom given to speaking in public - not least because, when she does, the St. John's Ambulance have to lay on a "crash" team by the dignitary [...]

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The Last Chronicles of Salchester

From: The Monterey Chronicle. ENGLISH BISHOP IN SAME SEX WEDDING A MONTEREY Episcopal Church hosted yesterday one of the first same sex marriages in Northern California, when English bishop Malcolm Longbridge united Ethel Jarman and Deirdre O'Mallon at Holy Communion [...]

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David Lickess looks forward in faith A LADY of 95 in my parish tells how as a girl in Middlesbrough she would cross the road rather than walk past the local Roman Catholic church. Its members would not pray with [...]

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