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FiF Update

Visit to Rochester Forward in Faith Council members, Fr Geoffrey Kirk and Fr Sam Philpott, accompanied by the Director, visited Rochester last month. Not the cathedral city in Kent, of course, but a meeting of the Bishop of Rochester’s Working [...]

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Rodney Schofield views a moral morass from an unsafe distance Two young people, each having completed their secondary education, have recently travelled to England from Malawi. The young man spent a successful term as a teaching assistant in a school, [...]

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The divine character of monarchy, the other Jesus and the draft office book GOD SAVE THE QUEEN Ian Bradley DLT, 218pp, hbk 0 232 52414 9, £14.99 People edge away from me in disbelief when I tell them that I [...]

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How Far Can Bishops Fly?

‘It will never happen.’ ‘You'll never get what you want; the bishops will never allow it.’ So say well-meaning friends and even supporters of Forward in Faith Australia when the question of ‘Extended Episcopal Care’ arises. Of course, the system [...]

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Anne Gardom visits a Birmingham museum which looks to the future Birmingham has always been a city that has prided itself on its museums, galleries and civic buildings. The Birmingham City Art Gallery is a witness to the importance the [...]

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The ravens have flown The wheels of the Church of England turn slowly and events in Kidderminster ground inexorably to their inevitable conclusion at the end of January. The team vicar of St John’s and the congregation lost the battle [...]

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In Praise of Eustace Let us be quite clear: I have never ridden to hounds nor taken part in any so-called ‘country sports’. I once, truth to tell, shot a roe deer in the Wienerwald. But that was purely a [...]

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30 Days

CANTERBURY STAKES I When the press lobby's ‘traditionalist’ candidate, Richard Chartres, was asked if he would like to be Canterbury, his reply was a corker. 'Not really', he drawled in his best Churchillian tones, 'I've done that job already.’ When [...]

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The Peril of Backsliding: John Keble John Keble is best known by his Assize Sermon (which is commonly quoted as the spark that lit the Oxford Movement) and by his poetic companion to the Prayer Book, The Christian Year. But [...]

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