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FiF Update

Advanced Sunday School Forward in Faith Chairman Bishop John Broadhurst is giving a series of three Lectures at St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe, Queen Victoria Street, London EC4, as part of the parish’s on-going Advanced Sunday School. On each occasion the programme will [...]

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Media Watch

Acorns and Oak Trees George Austin on some Royal liasons Archbishop Runcie commented to biographer Humphrey Carpenter that ‘it is a terrible reflection on public life today that someone like Austin can become a well-known spokesman on such matters.’ ‘Such [...]

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I Am an Anglo-Catholic

Bishop Keith Ackerman on hope for the future ‘I AM’ has certain remarkable precedence in the Old Testament. It is not a credal statement, but rather is an ontological one. When certain descriptive words follow this statement of being, however, [...]

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Children and churches, St Anthony and the Prayer Book NARRATIVE ELEMENTS IN THE DOUBLE TRADITION A study of their place within the framework of the gospel narrative Stephen Hultgren De Gruyter, 436pp, hbk 3 11 017525 8, [£65] Many years [...]

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Letter from Australia

ULTIMATE LOYALTIES Five years ago I went to the launch of From Oxford to the Bush, a collection of essays exploring aspects of Catholic Anglicanism in Australia. The editor, Dr John Moses, a professional historian who is also a priest, [...]

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Rhythm and Blues St John’s is a small Episcopal parish, a little gem of a church in a tough corner of the Mission District. For two decades, it has been a predominantly gay congregation that sees itself as ‘a community [...]

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McClean Sweep If Michael Flanders and Donald Swann were alive today they would probably be moved to write a song about Synod. It would probably go something like this: Synodical life is tedious, laborious and slow. It feels like I’ve [...]

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The Way We Live Now

Not Visited in a Day Our esteemed Lady Editor – ‘Trixie’, as we recidivist misogynists understandably call her (over a malt whisky and behind closed doors, you understand) – has decreed that this column is losing its way. Too much [...]

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Tired of recalcitrant clergy that refuse to toe the episcopal line? Find that the carrot of a possible prebendal stall is no longer enough to guarantee compliance? Worried that abolition of the freehold is too far off to guarantee the [...]

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