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Friend of Foe

In Consecrated Women? Forward in Faith has set out not only a cogent theological case against the ordination of women as priests and bishops, but also a simple and workable draft Measure for the establishment of a New Province of [...]

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Which one this morning?

John Hunwicke revisits three great Anglican Liturgists of the twentieth century Which EP (Eucharistic Prayer) to use? A priest is offered eleven in Common Worship, and the modern Roman Missal is even worse. The problem is that they were all [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Keep the Faith A Teaching Bishop Cyril was bishop of Jerusalem from 348-386, and gave instructions in Lent to those preparing for Baptism at Easter. He urges them to guard well what they learn, to read only the scriptural books [...]

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Bolton Wanderer

Stuart Seaton catches the Bishop in an offside position At the heart of the orthodox position on women priests stands the college of the twelve male apostles. If the ordination of women is to be theologically grounded, the omission of [...]

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Male mothers and female fathers

Preparing a talk for deanery chapter, I was reading again some of the stranger by-ways of the Gender Recognition Act. Section 23 gives the Secretary of State powers to ‘modify statutory provisions’, i.e. to change laws without reference to Parliament [...]

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Vale Churchill

Tony Kilmster recalls the Valiant Years ‘Almighty Father, we thank Thee for the gift to the world of Winston Churchill and for all that he did for our country and many others.’ Archbishop Michael Ramsey. I find it hard to [...]

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Font and Fast

Patrick Henry Reardon on the preparation for the Pasch The word ‘Lent,’ now associated exclusively with the observance of the liturgical year, originally meant ‘spring’ and had no directly religious significance. In English usage, however, its reference was gradually limited [...]

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Turkish Delight

Anne Gardom sees Jesus in a kaftan Turks – a Journey of a Thousand Years, 600–1600 at the Royal Academy is a very large and diverse exhibition. It covers a long period of complex religious and cultural history in an [...]

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‘Open thou our lips’

The principle ‘garbage in, garbage out’ applies just as much to liturgy as to computers. Indeed, far from guaranteeing the faithfulness of the Church, lex orandi, lex credendi may actually mean that liturgy does more harm than good. Take the [...]

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Mona Lisa Simile

Alan Edwards pursues the illuminati Eurostar bookings to Paris substantially increased in 2004. Romance in the air? Yes, but not the usual kind. Much of the increase came from visitors on a trail inspired by the romancing of Dan Brown’s [...]

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