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Ghostly Counsel

Public & private Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House The relationship between liturgy and personal spirituality is a complex one. I know individuals who find that the centre of their spirituality is liturgical. The experience of worship, [...]

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A free province?

Alan Edwards sketches elements of the emergence and history of the Free Church of England wondering if it might not offer interesting pointers or parallels to a future free province In the discussion of a free province it is surprising [...]

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Marriage à la mode

Simon Heans considers how it is in lesbian and gay circles that marriage can be both rejected and accepted by the same people at the same time The Revd Martin Reynolds is the Welsh priest who featured on the front [...]

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Saxon peace

George Hillard, a regular visitor from the States, encourages us to share his appreciation for Anglo-Saxon churches The textbooks describe Breamore Church as a 'nearly-complete' or 'significant' surviving Anglo-Saxon church. Indeed, it is both of these, and more. St Mary's, [...]

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Intended signs

Christopher Gilliland wanders away from the central arguments to offer a simpler, more personal justification for his orthodoxy To me, entering the church is a bit like entering a time warp, the world outside disappears and I enter a place [...]

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Slaves of Christ

Owen Higgs reviews Paul's writings to consider why he does not condemn institutionalized slavery in a way we in a later millennium might hope for and why the Gospel took precedence over all justice issues 'Five times I have received [...]

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Who killed Diana?

Hugh Baker reflects on the character of urban myth in the light of a recent Metropolitan Police inquiry and the social uses of soap operas, and finds support for traditional Christian morality This story must be at least two years [...]

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A holy fool

A generation ago there was reawakened interest in the tradition of the salos or holy fool, the person who was 'a fool for Christ's sake.' Where the world saw only bizarre behaviour, to those with eyes to see, there was [...]

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The crucial canon

PaulBenfield summarizes what Canon A4 meant and the implications of its meaning in the future In July 2006 the General Synod passed a motion approving the setting up of a legislative drafting group to prepare draft legislation to remove the [...]

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Moderately liberal

Let us not forget it is a fine thing to be liberal - open and generous Paul Griffin discusses the right use of the word and its connotations We all, from our editor downwards and sideways, call those we disagree [...]

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