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FROM RUSSIA Royal Academy of Arts 26 January-18 April Admission £11 'Charles,' said Cordelia, 'modern art is all bosh, isn't it?' 'Great bosh.' And so two of the more sympathetic characters in Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited rubbish the art of [...]

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Zimbabwe Nicolas Stebbing cr on recent visits It all began after a Greek class four years ago. A student asked me, 'Please Father, could you take me to Zimbabwe?' I was amazed. An English student wanting to go to my [...]

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last chronicle

The Times, 18 February 2020 The Grand Mufti of Canterbury and Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity in the University of Oxford, Dr Mona al-Aqa'bba announced today proposals for new laws to protect the interests of Christians and other minorities in [...]

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letters to the editor

Caught in the middle From the Archdeacon of Bromley May I be permitted to respond to Simon Heans's article in the January edition. Firstly, whenever I facilitate a Ministerial Review it is conducted on the clear understanding that any thoughts [...]

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30 days

Cheap shot There are of course two kinds of bishops: those who read New Directions and are happy to own up to the fact, and those who read New Directions but claim to bin it each month without opening it. [...]

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Touching Place

ST ANDREW, HECKINGTON, LINCS For the Decorated Style Lincolnshire is the best county of all.' Pevsner says so, therefore it must be true. And Sleaford must be the centre of the best area; as you travel around, you are never [...]

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the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk takes a closer look at Archbishop Rowan Williams' controversial lecture on law, and finds more problems with its form than with its content The easiest way to organize a standing ovation is to get people to clap when [...]

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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on John Keble, whose day is 29 March Keble's conviction that he belonged to the apostolic order with its roots in Christ formed the very character of his priesthood. It was a sacramental character and any priest worth [...]

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Children of Mary Fr John Gribben cr I am an unashamed fan of the Harry Potter books and I have gained particular enjoyment from the final volume. The theme of a mothers sacrificial and redemptive love runs through all seven [...]

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