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Thought for the Day

The BBC says there have been calls from militant secularists for Thought for the Day to be abolished. This is the three-minute pretend religious harangue on its flagship programme, Today, every morning. For once I am on the side of [...]

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The Rule of Rowan

George Austin explains why Rowan Williams' ability to weigh up both sides of an argument from the broadest possible perspective is a good thing for the Church of England The most distinguished occupant of Augustine's chair since Anselm' - so [...]

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Strangers, brothers

As we become increasingly conscious of divisions within our own church, the wider divisions between denominations may have much to teach us. Stephen March has experience of them Although a British, Protestant Evangelical and the son of a Protestant Evangelical [...]

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An antiques roadshow

Ed Tomlinson argues that instead of battling our opponents, we should concentrate our efforts on presenting the Catholic faith to those Anglicans who have unwillingly accepted the status quo Last month I reported on the positive nature of Anglo-Catholic blogs [...]

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Jonathan Baker comments on some of the speeches from bishops at the February Synod debate and wonders why so many have been silen t for so long So the draft legislation enabling women to be ordained to the episcopate has [...]

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The following resolution was passed unopposed at the FiF Special Assembly on 7 4 February This Assembly affirms that the recent Statement published by the Bishop of Beverley is an accurate reflection of its own position, following the February 2009 [...]

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At the crossroads

The Rt Revd John Hind, Bishop of Chichester, shares his own reflections on the Synod motion and exhorts us to an amicable parting of the ways Following last July's vote, fourteen bishops, including a number of members of the House [...]

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Not at any price

The Rt Revd Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, shares what he hoped to have said at the February Synod and the need for proper provision for the minority The summary of the meeting of the House of Bishops held in [...]

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This paper confidently predicted that nothing of real significance would transpire at the February Synod. We were wrong. The Bishop of Manchester, speaking of the draft legislation for the consecration of women as bishops achieved a notable first. For the [...]

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