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Peter Elliott (right), son of an Anglican priest, was received into the Roman Catholic Church while studying for a MA in Theology at Oxford. Returning to Australia he was ordained priest in 1973. In the Eighties he gained a Doctorate [...]

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Last Chronicle

last chronicle With the establishment of an Ordinariate in the Roman Catholic Church for ex-Anglicans a new and pressing problem will arise. How to tell a real Catholic? We at Ecubooks (the UK’s premier publisher of books serving the Ecumenism [...]

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Forward in Faith update

Friends of the Ordinariate Many thanks to those responsible for this simple, new initiative, whereby those who are interested in the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus can go online to the website: www.friendsoftheordinariate.com and signify that interest. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed [...]

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letters to the editor

A photo from a reader, by way of encouragement to others who find the way to church sometimes arduous and daunting. Father Gregory and RooT From Sister Mary Michael chc It seems appropriate to add a postscript to the excellent [...]

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30 days

Different in t’ North A copy of last month’s issue of New Directions had been left on a table in a carriage of the 22.13 train from York to Leeds. It was 8 February – the day that edition had [...]

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Touching Place

St Nicholas, Normanton-on-Cliffe, Lincs Your first instinct is that the neat 13th c.-style chancel with its triple lancets is ‘Victorian’, and you would be right. Behind it, though, is a much older building, with a 14th c. tower and a [...]

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Danger of stale imports Tom Sutcliffe questions the wisdom of importing Americanized productions and laments the lack of opportunities for British operatic talent John Berry the boss of English National Opera and Peter Gelb of the New York Met have [...]

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the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk questions the paradoxes that lie at the heart of liberal Christianity and its attempt to ‘reform’ the Church With the passage of time I find myself more and more fascinated by the psychopathology of liberal Christians. What makes [...]

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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on T.A. Lacey, his contribution to the debate on the validity of Anglican Orders and the quest for Christian unity The Abbé Portal had discussions with Lord Halifax and in 1893 published his treatise validating Anglican orders. This [...]

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sacred vision

Burne-Jones’ Annunciation With the notable exception of Holman Hunt the Pre-Raphaelites were not a very religious bunch. Unless especially engaged in church commissions (like the Burne-Jones windows in Oxford Cathedral or the mosaics for the American Church in Rome), biblical [...]

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