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From the Board Room Cardboard Fabrications Ltd Cardington Cardiff Cardiganshire Dear Sir / Madam, We are sure you have already come across our extremely popular cardboard products: Police cars (to discourage speeding), and Policemen (to deter shoplifters). Following the success [...]

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Forward in Faith update

These two websites are commended to all members of Forward in Faith: www.friendsoftheordinariate.com ... for Anglicans in the UK who wish to signify their interest in the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus without committing themselves to any course of action, present [...]

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It has been said many times before, and it would now seem to be true: we are entering the endgame for those who hold to the traditional understanding of the ministry of the Church within the Church of England. As [...]

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letters to the editor

Just so you know... From the Vicar of Staincli~e Thank you for your kind notice regarding the new website of the Missionary Society of St Wilfrid and St Hilda Wakefield Branch. Any of your readers visiting the diocese or interested [...]

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30 days

Terms of Service Those charged with drafting the infamous Code of Practice Which Will Not Do might like to have a look at recent events in the Diocese of Ambikapur, in central India, as reported by The Eurasia Review. A [...]

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touching place

St Christophe, Inières, France As you head over the undulating landscape into the hidden valley of Inières, the Flamboyant campanile of Rodez cathedral is just over the northern horizon. Ahead, the dwellings huddle round a little castle, as if for [...]

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The B in Borgia Tom Sutcliffe on an enjoyably old-fashioned opera – and a less enjoyable documentary based on a tenuous grasp of the facts Drop the B from Borgia and you get the supposed message of the opera which [...]

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Look both ways before you leap In his last article written from within the Church of England, Ed Tomlinson has some advice for those who are yet to make a decision about the Ordinariate It was possibly the worst kept [...]

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‘Glorious in the roll of heroes shines the name of Dewi Sant’ Harri Williams on the restoration of the Shrine of Dewi Sant These words by Timothy Rees CR, sometime Bishop of Llandaff, speak of the importance of St David [...]

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Aim and means of Christian life A Monk of the Eastern Church The aim of man’s life is union (henosis) with God and eification (theosis). The Greek Fathers have used the erm ‘deification’ to a greater extent than the Latin [...]

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