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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on Henry Scougal who, towards the end of his short life, wrote the devotional classic The Life of God in the Soul of Man Anglican devotional manuals are not much in vogue today. Means and ends are always [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Children of light Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Jesus taught the crowd in the Sermon on the Mount – ‘you are the light of the world’. St Paul takes up this theme writing to the Ephesians [...]

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views, reviews and previews

MODERN BRITISH SCULPTURE Royal Academy, London 22 January–7 April 2011 Admission £12, concessions £10 READERS OF the exhibitions press will know this show has had some very mixed reviews. It would be nice to say New Directions has a different [...]

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‘But God is not defeated’ Nic Ramsden reflects on three years in post-conflict Southern Sudan There is a book, well renowned in Sudan Church circles, called But God Is Not Defeated. It is a history of the past 100 years [...]

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Doing things with words

Nicholas Turner would have us mark this month’s centenary of the birth of the quintessentially English philosopher, J.L. Austin (1911–60) J.L. (never John) Austin was the doyen of the Oxford school of ordinary language philosophers that held such sway after [...]

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‘Let them eat cake’

As government spending cuts push an increasing number of households into financial difficulties, George Austin calls on Church leaders to speak out for those affected My grandmother was born in 1876 in Bury. Her parents signed her birth certificate with [...]

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Woodard’s world

Brendan Clover on the lasting legacy of Nathaniel Woodward, the Victorian founder of schools to provide education grounded in the principles of the Christian faith He was to the educational world of the Victorians what Isambard Kingdom Brunel was to [...]

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Ecclesia Anglicana

Bishop Geoffrey Rowell considers Anglican Patrimony Anglicans who stand in the Catholic tradition have in recent times not had an altogether good press. Seen as negative and obstructionist, standing in the way of such clearly desirable goals as the ordination [...]

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Pope Benedict Speaks

The message sent to the People of Wales during the Papal Visit Dear Bishop Regan, Thank you for your very warm greeting on behalf of the faithful of Wales. I am happy to have this opportunity to honour the nation [...]

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