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Poor Fred…..Really?

Ann George welcomes her brother to Jerusalem   Our mother used to recount with some detail how, when she and her two small sons were staying in a Hertfordshire village during the war, she used to take them to the [...]

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Registering Rowell’s Reputation

Nigel Aston examines Bishop Geoffrey Rowell’s entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography   There can be no doubting the importance of Bishop Geoffrey Rowell as a scholar and a pastor not merely considered as an Anglo-Catholic but within [...]

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Where there’s a +Will

Simon Walsh interviews the new Bishop of Lewes   Bishop Will Hazlewood is waiting patiently when I dial in to our scheduled Zoom call, as if for a liturgy about to start. His natural energy brings an immediate rapport. As [...]

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Tis good Lord to be here

Peter Anthony explores the mystery of the Transfiguration   If you were present on the mountain with Peter, James and John, would you have been able to see the Transfiguration? What I mean is this. Could just anyone see it? [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

The Presence of God   Andy Hawes    One of my longstanding directees recently said, ‘ I know, of course, that God is everywhere, but it is only recently that I have realised that this means the presence of God [...]

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Rave in the Nave

Paul Hamilton reports on strange goings on in the countryside   On St Francis’s day 2006 I was inducted as Rector of Ingrave to serve two churches of differing traditions who were forced together against their will into one benefice. [...]

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