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The time since I retired in 2019 has been in stark contrast to my life and ministry pre-retirement. I have swapped the dry and dusty landscape and high temperatures of South Australia for the verdant green pastures and unpredictable weather [...]

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Faith and Reason

Nick Spencer introduces his new book ‘Magisteria: The Entangled Histories of Science and Religion’   John William Draper was an eminent American chemist who also fancied himself as an intellectual historian. Son of a Methodist convert, he left Britain aged [...]

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The Franciscus Decade

Archbishop Emeritus David Moxon offers an Anglican view of the Pope’s first ten years   ‘Joy, Mission, conversion, diversity; Poor, inclusive, decentralize’ – these were the main words on the cover illustration from a copy of The Tablet, derived from [...]

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Orthodox titan of theology

Douglas Knight reflects on the life and work of his friend Metropolitan John Zizioulas   John Zizioulas, who died recently, brought modern philosophical thought into conversation with the experience and teaching of the early Church. Though this may sound like [...]

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The First Station: Jesus is condemned to die How often are we like Pilate, how often do we wash our hands of a situation when to engage would mean meeting Christ in our midst? Those times we have washed our [...]

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Coronation Cup of Blessing

The crowning is surely worth a Mass, says Michael Brydon     In a few months we look forward to the Coronation where we will hallow King Charles with prayer. At that service we have historically done everything the Church can [...]

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Holiness and Housekeeping

Adam Gaunt reports on the February 2023 General Synod, and it wasn’t all about LLF   Inevitably, the lengthy debates and discussions around the Living in Love and Faith (LLF) process have dominated reports from this February’s General Synod meeting; [...]

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Water is thicker than blood

Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell recaps on his words to General Synod during the LLF debate   We live in a culture and inherit a history where disagreement usually leads to division, division to conflict, and conflict to schism. I’m [...]

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