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Robbie Low reflects on the recent response to 'One Bread, One Body' IT WAS the summer of 1979. I was on my ordination retreat. Like all the other candidates, I was summoned, in my turn, to have the statutory fifteen [...]

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Treasures from the Ark

Art Exhibition of Armenian Christian Art at the British Library This exhibition has Armenian Christian artifacts of great antiquity. There are stone, wooden, metal and jewelled crosses, ceramics, vestments, textiles, recorded music, books, bronzes – all testifying to the importance [...]

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That Time of Year AGAIN All that Forward in Faith is able to do across our land for the maintenance of the faith which we have received would not of course be possible without the overwhelmingly generous support of our [...]

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THE LAST SLIPPER? QU: Which "dinner party with friends" has the following ingredients? The man with the moneybag disagrees with the boss about fundamental policy and teaching. The man with the moneybag spends his time talking about how much good [...]

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Accokeek and Rosemont

THE SPOTLIGHT again is on Washington Bishop Jane Dixon and her unwillingness to relent and allow Fr. Sam Edwards to take his rightful ecclesial place at Christ Church, Accokeek, MD. The pressure is growing daily for Dixon to let him [...]

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Thinking Change THERE'S AN ELECTION on - of that I can be sure. While you are reading this you will probably be disturbed by the muffled sound of election addresses dropping through your letter box if you live in one [...]

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the WAY we live NOW

Anastaseos hemera SEATED over the Paschal Lamb (marinated, Moroccan-style, with yoghurt, mint, garlic, lemon zest and green ginger; served with red-rooted spinach dressed with oil and lemon) the conversation turned to the moral dilemmas of the present government. How strange, [...]

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Andrew Hawes reflects on the causes and consequences of the ordination of women to the priesthood IN JULY 1990 something happened to me. I was in retreat. It was evening. I, with twenty or so others, was praying before the [...]

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