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FiF Update

NEW OFFICES FOR FORWARD IN FAITH Forward in Faith has moved house! Our address etc. is now: 2A THE CLOISTERS GORDON SQUARE LONDON WC1H 0AG TELEPHONE: 020 7388 3588 FACSIMILE: 020 7387 3539 E-MAIL: FiF.UK@forwardinfaith.com That time of year again! [...]

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Perspectives of War

George Austin on how clergy view conflict ‘The first casualty when war comes’, said Hiram Johnson in 1917 in a speech to the US Senate, ‘is truth.’ It is not always because propaganda demands it. During the Battle of Britain, [...]

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Andrew Starkie takes an historical view In filling in my form to the Liturgical Secretariat to feed back how I had found using the Daily Prayer from Common Worship, I noticed that an innovation of some weight had been introduced [...]

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Beginning with the Bishop of Durham’s new work THE RESURRECTION OF THE SON OF GOD N. T. Wright SPCK, 830pp, pbk 0 281 05550 5, £35 This is the third volume, perhaps the pivotal one, in the mega-series ‘Christian Origins [...]

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Changing Patterns I remember as a boy being told by a well meaning relative, a non-practising middle of the road Anglican, that the difference between Anglicans and Roman Catholics was that when we went to church it was because we [...]

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A Sinful Jesus?

By C FitzSimons Allison Charles Bennison's denial of the sinlessness of Jesus, contravening thereby the testimony of scripture and Christian tradition, on the basis of no authority but his own opinion, has given us a great opportunity. Instead of concerning [...]

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Synod Insider

Changing Trains It can’t have been a real weatherman, it must have been somebody in Dead Ringers, who once said that tomorrow there will be weather – everywhere. Well, it has been Lent everywhere, even in the Episcopal Area of [...]

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The Dark is Light Enough Have you ever wondered why the liberals hate us so much? Why Chuck Bennison feels an overwhelming imperative to oust David Moyer? Why Jane Dixon had to persecute Sam Edwards and little Accokeek? Why the [...]

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Thirty Days

ROLL REVERSAL Visitors to Canterbury Cathedral, once they have passed through the ‘pray or pay’ checkpoints, will generally avail themselves of a small modern building on the outskirts of the pilgrims site. It is the ‘chapel of ease’ and, in [...]

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As others see us

George Austin and the soaps ‘O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us To see ourselves as others see us’ Burns’ plea came to mind when I fed ‘George Austin’ into the googlism.com web site. Now googlism has been described [...]

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