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The way we live now

'Books Do Furnish a Room': Geoffrey Kirk goes whimsical after a visit from a rational archdeacon and repudiates too logical an argument In the high and far-off times when archdeacons took a personal pastoral interest in the clergy I was [...]

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Faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on 'Christ's presence with his ministers' The title is from a sermon by the seventeenth century bishop, William Beveridge, on the true nature of the Christian Church, the office of its ministers and the means of grace administered [...]

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Ah! freshness

Andy Hawes goes mission-shaped Fresh Expressions’ is a new way of describing ‘New ways of being church;’ it continues the work of the ‘Springboard’ initiative on evangelism. According to the Archbishop’s welcome to the Fresh Expressions website the editorial board [...]

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Gracious patriarchy

Geoffrey Kirk, a member of the working party which produced Consecrated Women? reflects on the emerging perception of patriarchy – no longer a mere symbol of oppression but the vehicle of God's graciousness towards us Among the more disconcerting developments [...]

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The numbers game

It was surreal, a day before the moving funeral of Pope John Paul, to listen (courtesy of SSC) to Bishop Christopher Hill and Dr Mary Tanner on ecumenism and the doctrine of reception. The Anglican Communion, they implied, is too [...]

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The big issue

Women bishops? As an issue, is it absolutely crucial or merely trivial? Other people's answer to this question will have a considerable influence on how it is debated, as David Nicholl explains It is not unusual for the orthodox to [...]

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Going, going, gone

I was told off for using last month the flippant phrase, ‘the Disappearing Diocese of Bradford’. It is not something we are allowed to talk about in the polite north, but our bishop would surely agree. In a recent Grove [...]

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Fateful secretaries

George Austin argues that the crisis now facing the Church of England had its origins more than fifty years ago. Tracing the development of this crisis, he begins this month in the early 1950s The Church of England in the [...]

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Pope Benedict XVI

The Bishop of Fulham had the good fortune on a visit to Rome to meet Cardinal Ratzinger and is much encouraged by his election to the highest office in the Church Age brings both surprises and consolations. I have, over [...]

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