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'THE CALM before the storm': that is really what life feels like for many Australian Anglicans at present. Things are relatively quiet on all fronts. But beneath the surface there is a great apprehension about the retirement of Sydney's Archbishop [...]


From Maintenance to Mission THERE'S BEEN QUITE a row in that other place, across the road, about taking seven hours to elect a Speaker. They have a rather convoluted way of doing things, but what fascinated me was how all [...]


Family Outing Readers of The Daily Telegraph were intrigued to read an advertisement recently for a day on " the family". Held at Skinner's Hall in London and boasting such notable speakers as Paul Boateng and the Bishop of Winchester, [...]


A Just Share of the Spoils THROUGHOUT THIS YEAR, the issue of land redistribution in Zimbabwe has featured prominently in the news. What may not be so evident to European onlookers, though, is the wide measure of support that Robert [...]


Optimism Misplaced I HAVE remarked before in these pages on the English belief that they will never do all the funny things Americans do, which persists even when the Church of England does the funny things the Episcopal Church has [...]

Forward in Faith Update

Seventh FiF National Assembly meets in Westminster When the first FiF National Assembly met in Westminster Central Hall in September, 1994, few in the Church would have expected the annual event to last into the next century! Whether one is [...]


And Glory Shone Around ONE WAY of adding spice to our hymns is to celebrate a notable anniversary. Something not to be overdone, and we don't want a history lesson at every service; but come Christmas 2000 it could be [...]

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