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FiF Update

National Assembly Update Everyone agreed that it was a first-rate Assembly, full of determination, clarity of vision, good humour and every emotion imaginable. After a rousing welcome and call-to-arms from Fr Geoffrey Kirk, who addressed himself in plain Yorkshire terms [...]

Media Watch

In civility, thou seem’st so empty As You Like it George Austin and sado-masochism It worries me. I do it all the time, though I don’t like it. Is it becoming an addiction, an addiction indeed to sado-masochism? Surely not? [...]

Malawi Mailing

Rodney Schofield considers debt and reparation The conference on Racism held in Durban last September attracted much media attention, particularly over the issue of Israel, but also on questions about land reform which certainly touch Malawi and other countries in [...]

Book Reviews

THE MASS OF THE EARLY CHRISTIANS Mike Aquilina Our Sunday Visitor, 213pp, pbk 0 87973 942 8, £8.99 Mike Aquilina is an American Roman Catholic layman and writer and is well known in the United States, though he is less [...]

Reform Conference 2001

A Study in Understatement So where were the fireworks of previous years? And what happened to the resolutions denouncing unfaithfulness in our Church and immorality in our nation? Previous Reform conferences have had them in abundance, and some of the [...]

Synod Insider

Vote fo(u)r what? Do you remember the good old days? You know, when the Church Commissioners doled out the largesse for the benefit of parish churches. They used to make large contributions towards the cost of paying the clergy until [...]


PLANE DAFT The silly season of August saw 60 year old Revd George Brigham of Molesey Methodist Church conducting the wedding of Caroline and Justin Bunn strapped on the wing of a 1930s biplane. The flighty couple, on separate planes, [...]

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