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Women Bishops and a Free Province Teaching Days with Fr Geoffrey Kirk Saturday 8th November 2003 at 10.30am in The Ascension, Crownhill, Plymouth Further information: Fr Paul Hancock, 01752 783617 Saturday 15th November 2003 at 10.30am in Holy Nativity, Knowle [...]


Orthodox teaching and a monastic handbook THE THEOLOGY OF THE BODY EXPLAINED A Commentary on John Paul II’s ‘Gospel of the Body’ Christopher West Gracewing, 548pp, pbk 0 85244 600 4, £20 Christopher West here provides an extended and in-depth [...]


George Austin on friends like these The former editor of the Today programme, Ron Liddle, was recently ‘outed’ by the Daily Mail. As a journalist and feature writer, he said he had often received hate mail, but none so vehement [...]

Synod Insider

Schism or metaporphosis? So, the Primates have met at Lambeth. Apparently the Days Hotel in Lambeth did some brisk business offering hospitality to all the most reverend gentlemen who had gathered to address what the media described as a crisis [...]

The Way We Live Now

The last decade of the last century has not yet been denominated. But as surely as the 1890s were ‘naughty’, so the 1990s were the decade of ‘spin’. New Labour, having successfully jettisoned the principles which had guided the movement [...]


CATHEDRAL a COCO As St Albans Cathedral looks for a new Dean, the previous incumbent Christopher Lewis having moved to Christchurch, Oxford, festivities are undiminished. The Circus came to Communion recently. To be more specific ‘Holy Fools’, a group of [...]


Audemus dicere ‘Father.’ How that word does make a priest jump out of his skin. Deferential, you think? You must be joking. Demanding, even accusing, is how it so often seems. And God must have felt a similar paranoia, until [...]

Faith of our Fathers

Spiritual Friendship Aelred, the Abbot of Rievaulx (1109–66), the son of a married priest at Hexham, the ‘Bernard of the North’, entitled his most famous work Spiritual Friendship. Friendship is an excellent way of learning to love but the word [...]

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