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FiF Update

National Assembly 2004 The following Resolutions were passed by the eleventh Forward in Faith National Assembly, meeting in Westminster: 15/16 October 2004 2004/01 This Assembly records its thanks to the members of the Theological and Legal Working Parties for all [...]

Media Watch

Coarse it is – George Austin on too much TV ‘COMEDY rules as BBC shuns reality TV’ ran The Times headline. The new Director General, Mark Thompson, is apparently planning a ‘fundamental shake-up’ of the programme-making to give comedy the [...]

Poles apart

Laurence J Orzell on Old Catholic dissent and disintegration T he illiberal countenance of ‘liberal Catholicism’ once again manifested itself in late 2003, when members of the Old Catholic International Bishops’ Conference (IBC), meeting in Prague, narrowly voted to expel [...]

Book Reviews

The Bishop of Gibraltar on Cardinal Newman DISCUSSIONS AND ARGUMENTS ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS John Henry Newman Edited by James Tolhurst Gracewing, 490pp, hbk 0 85244 453 2, [£25] The Millennium Edition of Newman’s works is making accessible again the complete [...]

Letter from Australia

Bishops restrained and unrestrained Once every three or four years, at stupendous expense, the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia meets. To understand this unique church on a unique continent it is necessary to embrace our basic immutable [...]

Letter from America

Never mind the truth, here’s the Windsor Report EVERY CULTURE has its myths and America, being a young country, has ones based in the not-so-distant past. This annoys Europeans, who regard it as immature of us to see complex issues [...]

Synod Insider

Gerry O’Brien on the ties that unwind THE HUMAN CAPACITY for self-deception apparently knows no bounds. Saddam Hussein apparently believed that he could ignore United Nations resolutions with impunity and get away with it. ECUSA thought they could consecrate a [...]

The Way We Live Now

With a vision for unity and truth ATTENDING the press launch of an Anglican Communion Report is. I have to tell you, a bizarre experience. When the Report is being presented by Archbishop Robin Eames, it reaches the furthest realms [...]

Thirty Days

WORLD of LEATHER Most believers probably regard Jeremiah as a towering prophet called to do an appallingly difficult job in grim times. Relatively few readers will have spoiled the homoerotic and sadomasochistic (S/M) theme running through the book. Now, thanks [...]

Faith of our Fathers

Holy Order If the Anglican Church claims to be catholic, she must be also ‘apostolic’, for apostolicity is involved in the very conception of the Catholic Church, as confessed in the Nicene Creed. If she is ‘apostolic’, her ministers are [...]

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