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Agony aunt? The September piece ‘God’s priestly fool’ on manic depressive illness evoked many responses of appreciation, of which last month’s letter was but an example. Having judged that the source is genuine, the best way to guard anonymity is [...]

Forward in Faith update

The following resolutions were passed by the 2005 Forward in Faith National Assembly: 2005/01 This Assembly congratulates Societas Sanctae Crucis (the Society of the Holy Cross) on its 150th anniversary and thanks the Master General and his brethren for the [...]

Touching Place

St Mary, Stow A plain stretches north and west of Lincoln. As you travel along the A1500 towards Gainsborough, along the alignment of a Roman road, you become aware of a rather large church dominating a tiny village, and you [...]

books reviews

WHY I AM STILL A CATHOLIC Edited by Peter Stanford Continuum, 152pp, hbk 0 8264 8577 4, £12·99 It is forty years since Michael de la Bedoyere’s Objections to Roman Catholicism was published, a set of essays by famous Catholics [...]


Australia Bargains galore eter Carnley, the former Archbishop of Perth and the Co-Chair of the ARCIC Agreed Statement Mary, Grace and Hope in Christ said in his homily at the international launch of the document that, ‘For 450 years, we [...]

Letters to the editor

Our wifely heritage From Bishop Edwin Barnes Aidan Nichols’ outline for uniate status for traditionalists in the CofE (ND October) comes as a great encouragement. Certainly many of us are more than ready to find ‘in and as the Word [...]

Franz Bibfeldt

Alan Edwards makes the case for a lesser known theologian who might help us in current predicaments Is the principle of two integrities ecclesiologically sound? Can a woman bishop be a focus of unity if some do not regard her [...]

30 days

All tied up Rum goings-on in the Scottish Episcopal Church, where the Revd Kenny Macaulay, Priest-in-Charge of St Andrew’s, Dumbarton, is reported to have purchased online various sex ‘toys’, including a wall-mounted bondage cross, an explicit amateur porn video featuring [...]

Prophets divided

Andrew Starkie, suggests that as we begin to think through the implications of a structural solution we should not forget the mind-set of those who oppose any such solution, for they come in different guises The divisions amongst those in [...]

Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on a perennial theology Lancelot Andrewes, who was consecrated Bishop of Chichester on 3 November 1605, had a reputation for saintliness and scholarship. With Hooker, he recoiled from the popular systems and traditions, which under Elizabeth had claimed [...]

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