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The battle within

Michael Shier’s letter from Canada about Islam in last month’s New Directions (Between or Within?) suffers from a fatal flaw: it is more about us than them. Take, for example, Shier’s criticism of one of the foremost scholars of Islam, [...]

New offence? New law

The Racial and Religious Hatred Bill would introduce the new crime of incitement to religious hatred. Lord Mackay of Clashfern, writing as Patron of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship, has grave misgivings On 11 October, coinciding with its second reading, there [...]

Long live the Queen

A warped view of history has not endeared the royal supremany to Anglo-Catholics, but John Thurmer argues that it is nevertheless a vital institution for any possible forthcoming new province, and founded on sound baptismal promises The ordination of women [...]

Flickering symbols

by Geoffrey Kirk What is it about candles? If you, like me, are an addict of television whodunnits – involving as they invariably do, ladies in surgical gloves weighing the internal organs of unfortunate victims – you will have noticed, [...]

Valuable intolerance

The French government's attitude to religion seems intolerant by British standards, but Hugh Baker argues that there are some useful lessons to be learned from this approach I remember, years ago, watching some cultural telly programme, chronicling the tale of [...]


Where There’s a Will – There’s Relations. Those words appeared some years ago in the window of an undertaker’s shop in Cheshire. One way to make life difficult for others when you die is failing to make a will. It [...]

Serving all my days

As we consider what a new province might look like, what of those young men who will be serving within it as priests decades hence? An Ordinand, whose anonymity must be protected shares his hopes Receive the Holy Ghost for [...]

Election analysis

Gerry O'Brien, who has been elected six times since 1980, assesses the results of the 2005 General Synod elections in particular in the House of Laity and wonders how members might vote on women bishops The divisions amongst those in [...]

It’s all in a word

Fair-minded opponents claim they understand our position; they may believe they understand our position, but as Mark Stevens shows, a single word can often betray them My own view is that we have come up with a workable proposal which [...]

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