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last chronicle

As we go to press the world waits with bated breath to learn the fate of three embattled Catholic dioceses trapped in the bowels of The Episcopal Church. At enormous expense in effort and treasure, teams of dedicated lawyers have [...]

Forward in Faith update

Forward in Faith National Asssembly The following important resolution was passed nem. con. at last month’s FiF National Assembly: This Assembly, recognizing the variety of sincerely-held convictions amongst the members of Forward in Faith, commits itself to the prayerful support [...]


‘As this is now being implemented, we are trying to make sure that there is a joint group which will keep an eye on how it’s going to happen.’ Thus the Archbishop of Canterbury on the proposed Ordinariate, as reported [...]

letters to the editor

Where authority lies From Steve Vince Mark Stevens’ summary of the current position re the General Synod vote omits one highly significant factor. I am sick and tired of constantly hearing it said that the General Synod has no competence [...]

30 days

Nice work if you can get it Back in October 2006, 30DAys touchedonthe affairs ofthe Churchfield Trust, the charitable objects of which are ‘to maintain, advance and promote the Christian religion, to organise hold and give evangelistic conferences, schools (residential [...]

touching place

St Etienne du Mont, Paris Behind the Pantheon, the temple of French secularism, and at the summit of the Colline de Sainte Genevieve, is the late gothic/early renaissance of St Etienne du Mont. The Church is justly famous for its [...]


On Criticism Tom Sutcliffe reflects on the nature of the task that lies before him t will be the centenary of the Critics’ Circle in 2013, and I shall become President of that body this month (dv), and so will [...]

the way we live now

High Society? Geofrey Kirk examines the prospects for the Society of SS Wilfrid and Hilda The Society of SS. Wilfrid and Hilda is a remarkable phenomenon – a society which has gained a membership before it has developed an agenda. [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on seeing beyond the real and tragic present, and the value of immersion in tradition On the flyleaf of a modern translation of On the Incarnation it says, ‘when it looked as if all the civilized world was [...]


See you in court Ed Tomlinson on fashion, finance and fidelity What is the most unfashionable thing in Britain today? Lionel Blair’s flared trousers? Frizzy perms and shellsuits? Sandals and socks combined? All might occupy space on the leader board [...]

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