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Fr Ivan writes

Team Ministry When a professional man like an architect is given the task of creating some building, he will choose a team to help him and first of all show them the plan he has in mind. So when Jesus [...]

Forward in Faith update

National Assembly Last month’s Forward in Faith National Assembly – the nineteenth! – the proceedings of which are amply covered elsewhere in this issue of New DirecTions, passed the following four Resolutions, each of them nem. con. 2011/01 This Assembly [...]


A curate in the Diocese of London writes: ‘I’m pleased to announce the arrival of the new Anglican compromise cocktail – the PseudoHippolytan (in honour of Common Worship Prayer B). It is two parts gin, one part cointreau, half a [...]

guest editorial

The debate about the ordination and consecration of women has given rise over the years to a number of apparently simple statements that may, on closer examination, seem less obvious than they at first appear. One has only to think [...]

30 days

Drink!!! A fun story from New South Wales, where a Catholic priest, stopped by police for drunken driving, managed to return one of the highest blood-alcohol readings ever recorded in the State. When Fr Peter Jones, 58, was stopped, officers [...]

touching place

ALL SAINTS, WILBY, NORFOLK The 1630s were not a good time in England, with a deteriorating political situation. On top of this, the little Norfolk village of Wilby experienced disaster one day in 1633. As the 18th c. Norfolk historian [...]


Pasquale and Figaro Tom Sutcliffe on disappointing productions of two masterpieces, marred by the directors’ attempts at inventiveness Don Pasquale and The Marriage of Figaro, subtle comedies about love which need to be truthfully realized to work their sublime magic, [...]

Book of the month

THE BLACKWELL COMPANION TO RELIGION AND VIOLENCE Edited by Andrew Murphy Wiley-Blackwell, 630pp, hbk 978 1405191319, £110 The Americans have rebuilt the ivory tower for a new century. I was both lucky and privileged, but I was studying in Paris [...]

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