/November 2013 Articles

Tent-makers of today

The next time you see a list of clerical appointments, note not just the growing total of female clergy but also the number of clergy shown as NSMs. If marginalisation lies ahead for orthodox Church folk, it could be that [...]

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Satan’s Bondage

Crispin Harrison CR offers a reflection on the Gospel of Luke 13:10-17 One Sabbath, Jesus was attending prayers in a synagogue. He saw a woman bent double so that she could look only at the ground. Her life must have [...]

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Under the seal

Thomas Seville CR reflects on the seal of the confessional In my community, only one member has been imprisoned while a brother. The story is simple and also salutary. The brother was in the Community’s priory and living in South [...]

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Love has the primacy in Christ’s Body The Bishop of Ebbsfleet preaches about the challenge of building the Church in love. ‘We should try to live in such a way that if the Gospels were lost, they could be re-written [...]

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