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THE COSTLY WITNESS OF THE POOR THE 1998 LAMBETH CONFERENCE may prove, in years to come, to have been a watershed for Anglicanism worldwide. Ever since Lambeth conferences began, it has been assumed that white caucasian bishops would form the [...]

Muddying the Waters

John Masding details the reasons for rejecting the new Churchwarden's measure soon to come before Parliament When Patrons seek to present a new incumbent to a Bishop for institution, one of the important checks and balances which the Church of [...]


IT WAS WITH the utmost humility that I rushed home to open the crucial envelope. Bobby was quivering with excitement; but the envelope inside the envelope (Oh, agony of clumsy fumbling with a hand of five thumbs!) read 'OPEN ONLY [...]


Edwin Barnes anticipated one sort of Lambeth Conference and found himself experiencing quite another BEFORE...Bishop Barnes wrote this paper in preparation for Lambeth '98 The first Lambeth Conference was meant (by the Canadian Bishops who asked for it) to be [...]


CURTAIN-RAISER: OR, THE ROYAL SCHOOL OF CHURCH WHAT? 'WE HAVE a hope that is steadfast and certain, gone through the curtain and touching the throne...' For some of us, this was a belated indication of something strange stirring behind the [...]


Sam Edwards takes an historical perspective on a pressing current problem for Traditionalist Anglicans Without question, the subject of the nature and limits of communion has the highest degree of contemporary relevance to traditional Anglicans. It is a topic which [...]


Robin Ellis writes an open letter to the Bishop of Ebbsfleet on his retirement MY DEAR JOHN, I write this before the Bristol event and other farewells. You deserve a mighty good send-off, and I am sure you will have [...]


Brother Martin SSF gives and account of a recent conference of FiF Religious THE ORDINATION OF WOMEN and many other of the modern trends which have invaded the Church of our day have caused distress and division in many of [...]

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