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Bulldog Bishop

Andy Hawes pays tribute to Edwin Barnes I am sure that Bishop Edwin will not mind me describing him as having bulldog qualities. There is in him a directness and pugnaciousness that is known as the bulldog spirit. There is [...]


Gerry O’Brien on the American tragedy As I write, the unbelievable horror of television pictures from Manhattan are fresh in my mind. At first sight, airliners crashing into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre had the appearance of [...]


Sermons in Stones (Shakespeare: As You Like It) A friend of mine, a Lutheran pastor in America, was asked recently if he would let his name go forward in the election for the bishop of their local Synod (that is, [...]


Aussies and Afghans The recently released film ‘Serenades’, set in central Australia in 1890, tells of a girl born of an Aboriginal mother and an Afghan father who grows up very much ‘between worlds’ – culturally, spiritually and emotionally dislocated [...]


News from Accokeek When the Title IV Review Committee dismissed presentment charges against Acting Bishop Jane Dixon, it may have laid the legal groundwork for a potential civil lawsuit ‘against Jane Dixon personally,’ according to Charles Nalls of deKieffer & [...]

The Way We Live Now

Geoffrey Kirk reflects on forgiveness and retribution. The bishops of ECUSA have taken it upon themselves to give good advice to President Bush about the appropriate response to the recent atrocities in New York and Washington. Since moral guidance is [...]

Last Chronicle of Salchester

Like a stone thrown into a still pool, the resignation of the Archdeacon of Salpuddle sent ripples throughout the Diocese of Salchester. There had been disquiet before. Bishop Longbridge had been widely criticised as having a ‘managerial’ approach to bishopping. [...]

A Greek Tragedy in Israel

Patrick Reardon considers the strange story of Jephthah's daughter By way of preparing us for the establishment of Israel's monarchy near the end of the eleventh century BC, the Book of Judges ends with a discouraging analysis of the moral [...]


TONY KILMISTER The Alternative Service Book 1980 dominated the worshipping life of the Church of England for a full 20 years. Unloved and unmourned by the moderately literate, and deeply loathed by the feminists for its ham-fisted insistence on gender [...]

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