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National Assembly, 2002 More than five hundred delegates will gather on the 18th and 19th of this month at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster for the ninth Forward in Faith National Assembly. Forward in Faith members are welcome to join [...]


Chickens come Home George Austin on a self-proclaimed member of the ‘liberal intelligentsia’ Orthodox Anglicans should surely now be immune from being shocked at episcopal utterances. At least, I thought so. That is until Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford since [...]


Highways and Byways of Hymns QUESTION: what have these eighteen people got in common? – John Arlott, Harry Belafonte, Robert Burns, Alex Comfort, Dante, Harry Emerson Fosdick, George Fox, William Gaskell, Oscar Hammerstein, Victor Hugo, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Philip [...]


Holding to the tradition and teaching the faith UPON THIS ROCK David Dale Regina Orthodox Press, 314pp, pbk 1 928653 08 1, £17.95 David Dale has done the Church a service with this book. It should be in the hands [...]


Shattered Dreams and Broken Promises Until recently the reception area of our parish office was dominated by two things: a copy of the Forward in Faith Mission Statement, and a photograph of Archbishop Robert Runcie kneeling in prayer with Pope [...]


Two Kinds of Bishop Two kinds of bishop have emerged within the Episcopal Church USA and increasingly in the wider Anglican Communion. The first group can best be described as bishops of the crozier: men and women who, by dint [...]


Blind Mouths ‘Blind Mouths! That scarce themselves know how to hold A sheep-hook, or have learned aught else the least That to the faithful herdsman’s art belongs. (Milton, Lycidas 119–121) Like most things in life, football has to be played [...]

Ten Years On

As the Church of England gears its self up for the celebration of the tenth anniversary of its momentous decision to ordain women to the priesthood, we at New Directions have a lot to celebrate too. Time was when people [...]


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY A recent article in The Sunday Times by John Humphrys ('Mr. Rude’ of the Today programme) was entitled, 'An atheist's creed may be the saving of the Church'. (Judging by the recent Cost of Conscience survey [...]

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