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FiF Update

National Assembly Letters have as usual gone out to all Registered Parishes and to all Dioceses, asking for the names of their delegates to the Tenth National Assembly, to be held on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th October, at the [...]

Media Watch

Things ain’t what they used to be George Austin on the remembrance of curates past When I was made deacon in 1955, I was 23 years old going on 17 – desperately immature and yet with experience of a declining [...]

Book Reviews

A call from Rome to take liturgy seriously THEOLOGY AT THE EUCHARISTIC TABLE Jeremy Driscoll osb Gracewing, 250pp, pbk 0 85244 469 9, £17.99 Dr WR (the Gloomy Dean) Inge of St Paul’s was dining at a high table in [...]

Letter from Australia

Without Prejudice Some time ago, a well-known bishop was interviewed on Australian television about issues confronting Christians in the twenty-first century. The interviewer said, ‘It is known that you are against homosexuals in the Church’s ministry’, to which the response [...]

A Deceptive Freedom

George Austin queries who has the last word For many years – thirty to be exact – I have been labouring under the misapprehension that the Worship and Doctrine Measure of 1974 freed the Church of England from interference by [...]

Synod Insider

Gerry O’Brien prefers The Advocate to the lawyers Synod has met in November every year for as long as anyone can remember, until this year. There are issues we might wish to raise and there are questions we might wish [...]

30 Days

PENSIONED OFF The national pensions crisis produced by dishonest economic planning, several years grim stock market performance and the Chancellor's £5 billion raid on our funds is not the only cloud on the poorly paid clergyperson's horizon. Church investments have [...]

Untimely Thoughts

Remain seated for victory Even though the deck heads are now higher, naval officers still sit to toast the Sovereign. They are thereby reminded of the triumphs of Vernon, Nelson and Hood in the days when the wooden walls of [...]

Faith of our Fathers

The Priest and Contemplative Living In every Christian life, the art of living, the ars vivendi, the art of making a radically new start, cannot be practised without an art of dying, the ars moriendi. Life through death is the [...]

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