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Faith of Our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on the past through teaching of Johann sailor S J Pastoral theology is an application of the truths of theology to the practical ministry of souls, and is characterized in the son of a poor cobbler, the Jesuit [...]

Rochester blundering

General Synod decisively rejected the Bishop of Gibraltar's call for theological reflection on the Rochester Report. Perhaps it was right for, as Stewart Seton reveals, the report relies on arguments it has itself rejected Why did General Synod bother with [...]

An unequal struggle

Geoffrey Kirk The unspoken assumption of the debate about the ordination of women to the priesthood and the episcopate (and related issues in human sexuality) has been that both sides are arguing about the same thing; that two sets of [...]

Swedish translation

In late August, the Swedish translaton of Consecrated Women? was published and presented to a day conference of clergy and laity. Sister Gerd Swensson explains the background to her work In an introduction entitled, ‘The Deep Roots – An Introduction [...]

A single letter

It is good to be on the side of the angels. Two CofE bishops and members of the House of Lords published articles during August regarding the Civil Partnership Act. The Bishop of Winchester, as we read, gave us two [...]


From The Complete Duty of Man by Henry Venn …dying Christians, that is, all that have duly sought in a right method, the salvation of their souls, have given proofs of the supreme wisdom of their conduct in the hour [...]

Seventies radicals

George Austin finds that at least some things have changed for the better, and that the stride and political judgements to be found among church activists of three decades ago have mercifully modified in the intervening years It was Edmund [...]

The elusive option

Aidan Nichols OP continues his reflections on the character and development of Anglo-Catholicism by considering the possibility and practicality are moving towards an Anglican Uniate Church The question of an Anglican Uniate Church is the question of whether all that [...]

Ghostly Council

Beauty in Creation Harvest time: season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Last week I had the privilege, for the third year running, to conduct a quiet day in a church set in a National Trust property (Gunby Hall in Lincolnshire) [...]

Bits and pieces

James Alder looks at the latest it is Sticks in "fragmented faith" and compares them with the findings of an earlier research project on Anglican belief. Despite its avowedly liberal origins, the results appear to be every bit as depressing [...]

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