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New Directions is pleased to read that the bishops of the Mission Society of St Wilfrid and Hilda are working closely together and delighted to be able to publish the new constitution of the Society. The Bishops of the Society [...]


As the Bishop of Burnley comments elsewhere in this magazine ‘time is short’. We are entering the real endgame of the process considering the legislation that will allow women to be consecrated to the episcopate. This is not the time [...]

letters to the editor

Parliamentary Privilege From Mr Thomas E Rookes In regard to the unwillingness of government ministers to listen to our arguments about women bishops [Letters, August 2011] this may be because they see religion as an irrelevance and especially minorities such [...]

30 days

Once upon a time in America Once upon a time, there was a parish in The Episcopal Church called S.Mark- on-the-Mesa, Albuquerque, in the Diocese of Rio Grande. Some two years ago, in the middle of 2009, a large number [...]

touching place

ST MICHAEL, CASTLE FROME, HEREFS The church is an early 12th building with Norman windows and doorways, but you do not come to Castle Frome to see those. Just inside the door is maybe the very finest Romanesque font in [...]

from elsewhere

Ecclesiology leads to prison Nicolas Stebbing cr on how disputes over differing ecclesiologies in Zimbabwe are leading to violence and arrests To most people ‘ecclesiology’ is a boring sounding word, a word for theologians to worry about. However, Catholic Anglicans [...]


Trittico Tom Sutcliffe on a new production of Puccini’s Trio of Operas and a new play by Alexi Kaye Campbell The three hour-long operas that make up Puccini’s Trittico are all about different kinds of belief and morality, and The [...]

Sacred Vision

Prayer Book anniversary Andrew Hawes looks ahead to the 350th anniversary of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and assesses its multi-faceted contribution to the Church of England Next year will see the 350th anniversary of the 1662 Book of [...]

Book of the month

THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONNECT Susan Maushart Profile Books, 288pp, pbk 978-1846684647, £11.99 Only connect,’ pleaded E.M. Forster in his 1910 novel Howard’s End. Susan Maushart’s clever, funny and stimulating book is an attempt to answer the issues thrown up [...]

the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk on attempts to deploy supposedly catholic arguments in favour of the ordination of women Veteran readers of New Directions will remember early attacks upon its ‘tone’. I recall giving evidence, long ago, to the Blackburn Commission on the [...]

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