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Rowan Esychiastom

The name by which we know St John Chrysostom is, of course, an anglicized version of the Greek Chrysostomos, which means ‘golden mouthed’. For many, that name will have sprung to mind when Archbishop Rowan Williams became Lord Williams of [...]

letters to the editor

Searching for the BCP From Monsignor Robert Mercer CR In his review of Fr Aidan Nichols’ recent booklet, Fr Ian McCormack is incredulous: can former FiF clergy normally accustomed to using the RC Breviary, revert to BCP offices? If he [...]

Thought of the day

Is equal marriage fair? Sikh temples have been advised to deregister as venues for civil weddings following the legalization for same-sex marriage over fears they could be legally coerced into marrying same-sex couples. Though I am a priest of the [...]


On his way to the meeting of the College of Bishops, Bishop Stephen Cottrell commented on Twitter that ‘we all want to be Welsh at the moment’. One can only assume he was referring to the vote to allow women [...]


Worship Evelyn Underhill Evelyn Underhill’s devotional writing expressed itself in letters of direction, retreats, radio broadcasts, and books and articles. In examining these diverse materials one is struck by the importance of a few themes. In discussing the spiritual life, [...]

touching place

St Mary, Bruton, Somerset Beginning in the early 14th c., the people of this small town gradually rebuilt their church over a span of two centuries. They started with the chancel, early in the 14th c., and then moved on [...]

Book of the month

Barry A. Orford ponders talent and genius in the music of Arthur Sullivan, as explored in a new study of the composer’s religiously inspired works LOST CHORDS AND CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS The Sacred Music of Arthur Sullivan Ian Bradley SCM Press, [...]

the way we live now

Christopher Smith celebrates the art of writing to the press, and wonders whether he should buy some green ink I see that last month’s New Directions included a revival of the letters page, with four letters, all on different subjects. [...]


Making Wagnerian converts Tom Sutcliffe on Simon Callow’s model exposition In his new and marvellously engaging one-man show about Wagner at the Royal Opera House’s Linbury Studio, Simon Callow does not really have to act at all. He is a [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton offers extracts from Newman’s letters regarding the Oxford Movement From a letter to John Bowden, a close friend of Newman from undergraduate days, and a lay supporter of the Oxford Movement, 31 August 1833 As to the state [...]

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