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Magister adest et vocat te

(‘the Master is here, and he is calling you.’)   And here in this place, by ancient walls where praises rose by day, by night, hard-packed ground trodden by countless pilgrims’ footsteps, the Master still is here, in what once [...]

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An Education in Grief

Ross Northing reflects on time spent at Auschwitz-Birkenau   Perhaps it seems totally opposite to the theme of my sabbatical, which was looking at art and the possibilities for its use in catechesis, but I knew right from the outset [...]

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Our Lady of Haddington

Ian M Miller traces the history of a Scottish pilgrimage   The origins of the devotions to Our Lady of Haddington belong to a shrine at the village of Whitekirk, which was at the time in Haddingtonshire, now East Lothian. [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on being wise   As William Cowper put it in his poem ‘The Retired Cat’:   ‘Beware of too sublime a sense Of your own worth...’   The more we learn, the greater is the temptation to take [...]

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A Courtyard in Jerusalem

Ann George becomes a godmother for the third time   My school, built of golden Jerusalem stone, was a converted missionary hospital building surrounded by mature, well-tended gardens, lavishly watered by our Palestinian gardener every morning. Many of the staff [...]

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Secular Liturgies

Tom Sutcliffe considers remembrance   The theatre director Peter Hall’s memorial, exactly one year after he died, occupied first Westminster Abbey and then the Olivier Theatre on the South Bank (with a bit over half the capacity of the abbey) [...]

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October Diary

Thurifer is church crawling   Mary’s month of October sees me back in Norfolk and its rich heritage of churches. Standing in splendid and imposing isolation, the church of St Mary the Virgin, Erpingham long ago lost its village, now [...]

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Views, Reviews and Previews

Art   Sir Richard Wallace: The Collector Wallace Collection until 6th January, 2019   This year the Wallace Collection finished a multimillion pound refurbishment to restore to imperial glory its home at Hertford House. Not only have the state rooms [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith revisits the matter of self-definition and Christian identity   I see that since my cat declared herself to be the Bishop of Birmingham, self-definition has become all the rage. As it happens, since Bella’s brief flirtation with episcopal [...]

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