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It can be a little too easy sometimes for critics of the Catholic Movement to say that we are backward looking, and always harking after a time gone by; looking back to the church of the past with rose-tinted spectacles [...]

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A Week in Politics

William Davage considers an extraordinary week in British politics   The morning of the prorogation of Parliament, I read these words of the prophet Habakkuk (1.3–4): ‘Outrage and violence, this is all I see, all is contention, and discord flourishes. [...]

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Communion and action

Malcom McMahon OP explains the power of the eucharist   The eucharist: God living among his people. The eucharist is God’s reply to our human need for him by which he addresses our poverty and nothingness without him. At the [...]

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Slow Art

Robert Ladds encourages us to slow down and look deeper   An article by Jonathan Watts, published in Tate Etc. is entitled ‘Slow Art in an Age of Speed.’ I was struck by it, for among other reasons, because at [...]

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Newman the poet

Denis Desert on Newman’s ability to use poetry to convey spiritual understanding   Matthew Arnold, the literary critic, in spite of not sharing John Henry Newman’s theological perspective, held him in considerable regard. While Arnold admired Newman from an early [...]

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Forming an Anglo-Catholic Parish

Steve Rice gives advice for forming a catholic parish   Based on average Sunday attendance, St Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is one of the largest (and depending on how narrow you wish to define Anglo-Catholicism, it may [...]

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