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Touching place

S MARY, WESTON ZOYLAND, SOMERSET   Being Somerset, Weston Zoyland has one of those splendid Perp. towers with niches for statues of saints and pierced stone in the windows. Built of steel-blue lias, this one is a bit taller than [...]

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Faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on the signs of identity crisis   The Loss of Root and Idiom A creeping Anglican identity crisis has been evident in various ways for some time.In 1949 Henry McAdoo(1 H. R. McAdoo, The Structuzre of Caroline Moral [...]

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Questions Answered

Jack Allen answers your theological queries   Our very first ever question comes from Tim in Rutland, who asks ‘It says in Genesis that the Garden of Eden had plants that were good to eat, as well as look at.  And [...]

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October Diary

Thurifer considers private lives   “Very flat, Norfolk.” Driving through the fenland of North Norfolk do not miss The Walpoles, villages between King’s Lynn and Peterborough. Especially see Walpole St Peter. For once a popular soubriquet is correct; the Cathedral [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

A time for fasting?   Andy Hawes    One thing I learned from the excellent Prayer Book Society Conference talks (available online) was that the Church of England, or to be exact Parliament, did not order any national days of [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith is social-distancing on Venus   Just when I thought that 2020 had given all the hilarity it could possibly offer, I found my eye drawn to a headline declaring, ‘Signs of alien life detected on Venus’.  Ah, yes, [...]

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In a recent blogpost on the ‘All Things Lawful and Honest’, Fr Barry Orford highlighted the need for more of a focus on theological education for our clergy (and indeed our laity): ‘I am not proposing dumbing-down in ordination training. [...]

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