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Touching place

ALL SAINTS, ILE BREWERS, SOMERSET   It is far from the Somerset norm; there is nothing else in Somerset like this church with a striking S porch tower and short octagonal spire. Given the clergyman who inspired it, that is [...]

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Faith of Our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on Holiness   Bishop Paget, formerly of Oxford said:   Surely, there is no power in the world so unerring or irrepressible as the power of personal holiness. All else goes wrong, blunders, loses proportion, falls disastrously short [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Andy Hawes   God of the Harvest   I do hope readers have managed to enjoy celebrating a Harvest Festival. The chances are that many haven’t. Even in rural parishes, Harvest is ‘not what it was’. I notice that in [...]

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Harvest and Consecration

Elizabeth Jennings   After the heaped piles and the corn sheaves waiting To be collected, gathered into barns, After all fruits have burst their skins, the sating Season cools and turns, And then I think of something that you said [...]

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Alcuin of York

John Gayford spends time with Alcuin: Master of Charlemagne’s Palace School at Aachen; Abbot of Tours.   The life of Alcuin divides neatly into three phases: his beginning at York, his post with Charlemagne and finally becoming Abbot of Tours; [...]

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October Diary

William Davage has been ready for his close-up   Last month I wrote about the writing of two books during the sustained period of lockdown. There was one other major preoccupation during that time: filming a video. One of the [...]

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