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FiF Update

Forward in Faith Australia Stephen Parkinson, Forward in Faith's National Director, and Fr Geoffrey Kirk, National Secretary, were in Brisbane towards the end of last month for the second National Conference of Forward in Faith Australia. The Conference took place [...]


CALLED north by the Lord, I have recently left the Diocese of Southwark. Famed for the complexity of its corporate, industrial headquarters, and the seriousness with which it takes its own management structures, it has a charming capacity for letting [...]

The Church, perhaps

Malcolm Tudor looks at a recent poll of the elderly Church leaders, from the Pope down, like to think they speak for their members. A priest in Scotland, however, said recently that Cardinal Winning does not speak for him. Many [...]

Crisis in Norway

In an interview with Asle Dingstad, William Tighe reveals the relativism which pervades a State Church. T: Have you been involved from the beginning of your ministry in the ‘orthodox opposition’ within the Church of Norway? AD: Well, in my [...]


Gideon by Patrick Reardon It is a point of historical irony that the military success of Barak and Deborah, narrated in Judges 4–5, is what produced the crisis faced by Gideon in the chapters that follow. By his overthrow of [...]


There are, as Disraeli famously said, 'lies, damned lies and statistics'. This indubitable fact arises, as much as anything from the way in which statistics are collected. Consider crime statistics in particular; and consider the following. On a Saturday at [...]


Muriel Porter Pulls the Plug To the astonishment of many on both sides of the ordination of women debate, it became clear that the 2001 General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia would fail to pass legislation allowing women [...]

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