/September 2002 Articles

Faith of our Fathers

Reformation Martyrs English Reformation In the English Reformation the nature of the dispute was not about personal opinions and personal beliefs. Our English Reformers appealed to the Primitive Church of the first five centuries to demonstrate where in doctrine and [...]


A clerical detective story by PDJ Aymes The funeral of Dr Hugh Tofts, the 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury, was, as all who attended it freely admitted, a memorable event. The body – which had lain in state overnight in the [...]

Friends and Problems

Rowan Williams and friends, as the press reported them. ‘If there's one thing I long for above all else, it's that the years to come may see Christianity in this country able again to capture the imagination of our culture, [...]


The Music of the Spheres NATURE, red in tooth and claw, is not the whole story. Nature is also mystery, awe, majesty. In it and through it we sense the divine. Our forebears knew this and responded appropriately, and our [...]

Shrinking a Church

John Richardson discovers we are already succeeding I have recently come across a remarkable book with some remarkable lessons. The only problem lies in knowing what exactly to do with them. The book is The Churching of America 1776–1990, and [...]