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FiF Update

Consecrated Women? The Report of Forward in Faith’s Shadow Working Party on Women and the Episcopate – under the title Consecrated Women? – edited by Fr Jonathan Baker, Principal of Pusey House, Oxford, will be published under the joint imprint [...]

Media Watch

The Rights of Man: George Austin on a dangerous industry A Times contributor asked which year was the best in which to have been born. Well, I thought, obviously 1931 when I first appeared on the scene. In my childhood [...]

In a time of decision

Fr Peter on the annual conference of orthodox religious The ninth annual conference of Root took place at Mirfield at the beginning of June. The theme of the Conference aimed at seeking a practical perspective for Anglican Religious in the [...]


Some good science and bad philosophy LIFE’S SOLUTION Simon Conway Morris CUP, 484pp, hbk 0 521 82704 3, [£18.99] I may lead a sheltered life and live far from the centres of civilization, but I have not seen a single [...]


David Chislett surveys the gathering realignment Over the last two months there has been a lot of discussion about the joint alternative episcopal oversight plans of Forward in Faith Australia (FiFA) and the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia (ACCA), with [...]


Michael Heidt on a tragic game with profound consequences Some may remember the excellent 1970s television series, ‘Record Breakers’. It was hosted by the inimitable Roy Castle, who would rush about the United Kingdom, charting the success of various attempts [...]


What price stewardship? If you are a member of your Diocesan Board of Finance you will probably have taken some time over the summer to reflect on the financial health of your diocese. What percentage of the diocesan quota was [...]

30 Days

OLD TIME RELIGION When the England football team flopped in Portugal in the Euro 2004 Championship sports fans adjusted to the all too familiar disappointment. As it turned out, many of the soccer top brass had been ‘playing away’ well [...]

Children at risk!

Reality versus PC Voluntary abortion – or the termination of pregnancy as it is euphemistically called in popular parlance – is a living denial of the Incarnation. Leaving aside those (very rare) ‘hard’ cases where the mother’s life is at [...]

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