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last chronicle

From Fr Ted Crilly To His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI Dear your Holiness, your Honour, your formerly Eminence, I am writing to you on behalf of Dougal. (Fr D. Mcguire, formerly of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, third class). Now, your [...]

Touching Place

St Peter's Church, Brooke The back road from Uppingham to Oakham is a delightful, traffic-free journey, especially in spring, when the flowers are out. Brooke is a tiny village whose idyllic thatched cottages have creeper-clad walls. The little church nestles [...]

The way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk notes the continuing research on male-female difference, and suggest that the jury is still out on a definitive conclusion You cannot, as John Hunwicke has cogently and wittily pointed out (Consecrated Women? : A Comparison, FiF, £2·50) have [...]

Faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on defence of the common faith In wake of the heterodoxy hijacking the Anglican Communion, bishops in the southern hemisphere have been constantly censored for crossing diocesan and provincial boundaries to minister to orthodox Anglicans. Their actions to [...]


Urgent work Jane Gore Booth No doubt many readers of New Directions were despondent after July’s vote in principle to ordain women to the episcopate. In some ways, however, it was a good thing: if the motion had been defeated, [...]

Ghostly Counsel

Being disliked Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House One of the stickiest issues for many people is knowing how to deal with resentment and dislike towards and of other people. Much depends on individual personality; some people [...]

30 Days

Spot the difference Interesting to read on the internet that the ‘success’ (sic) of the Campaign for the Ordination of Women in the Roman Catholic Church led to the founding of the St Catherine of Siena Institute, a ‘network of [...]

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