/September 2005 Articles

Going forward

What provision should be made for those who cannot recognize women bishops? The Rt Rev. Christopher Hill, the Bishop of Guildford, bears the responsibility for discerning the possible answer, and here gives a personal view of the issues involved One [...]


The conclusive failure in the General Synod debate on July 11 of Bishop Geoffrey Rowell’s amendment seeking further time for the discussion of the Rochester Report on women in the episcopate was a watershed. Until that point it had been [...]

The way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk notes the continuing research on male-female difference, and suggest that the jury is still out on a definitive conclusion You cannot, as John Hunwicke has cogently and wittily pointed out (Consecrated Women? : A Comparison, FiF, £2·50) have [...]

Faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on defence of the common faith In wake of the heterodoxy hijacking the Anglican Communion, bishops in the southern hemisphere have been constantly censored for crossing diocesan and provincial boundaries to minister to orthodox Anglicans. Their actions to [...]