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Ghostly Counsel

Playing & Praying Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Recreational activities are exactly that: they re-create. They are physical or mental activities, often using all the senses and sometimes involving memory and imagination. Recreational activities are one [...]

Life on Mars 2

Hugh Baker continues his examination of three of C.S. Lewis's predictions about the future of secular society in the Screwtape Letters The 'Life Force', the worship of sex, and some aspects of Psychoanalysis, may here prove useful,' writes Screwtape in [...]

Women in the Church

Ron Crane revisits the arguments about the impossibility of women bishops in the Church Throughout the entire history of the Church, only men have been permitted to serve as priests and bishops. From the beginning priesthood has been a service [...]

Too successful

Francis Gardom considers what success should mean in church terms A mot juste is a word or expression which neatly sums up what it refers to. It 'puts it in a nutshell', as we say. A senior member of Forward [...]

People of God

In the over-clericalized Church of England, the laity are often ignored but they have always had a vital role in the church, as Andy Hawes explains The day after my ordination as a priest, I was walking down Haycroft Street [...]

The best we can get

Julian Mann takes issue with an advertising campaign with a misguided view of the Gospel as achieving our ambitions It is tempting to treat the appearance of three Church of England bishops in a recruitment poster for a theological college [...]

This thing love

Paul Griffin reflects upon the mutable nature of most kinds of human love I love the Church of England,' says someone. Me too. I also love my wife, my dog, Mozart, Gilbert and Sullivan, fishing, reading. Importantly, I do my [...]

Holding steady

Tony Davies offers a simple and dear response from his long experience as a parish priest to the appalling result of the July Synod debate and vote Those who have a concern for the Church of England will have been [...]

Natural chastity

Simon Heans examines the useful contribution made by Elizabeth Anscombe to the debate on contraception and the interpretation of Humanae Vitae The Church Times commemorated the fortieth anniversary of the publication of Humanae Vitae in predictable fashion by engaging a [...]

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