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Fr Ivan writes

A General Confession In recent weeks our nation has been going through an unusual experience. It has heard the word ‘sorry’ shouted from the rooftops by people who always seemed above the law. In fact ‘sorry’ is seldom heard in [...]


Colin Podmore is Roger Greenacre’s literary executor. Neal Wood is a member of the Governing Body of the Church in Wales and a Member of the Order of Our Lady of Walsingham. Margaret Brown is the Chairman of The Third [...]


It hardly seems a year ago that the nation was getting ready to welcome Pope Benedict to these shores. Few readers of New Directions could have failed to be moved by the scenes that accompanied the visit. Amongst the most [...]

letters to the editor

The Lay Apostolate Considered From the Revd David Apps BA I write as one who had great interest and enthusiasm for the Church Union concept of the Lay Apostolate. In my parish in Alton, fifteen or so parishioners enthusiastically adopted [...]

30 days

Competition Time Imagine, if you will, that you are a Swedish clergyperson. Or, to be exact, imagine that you a Swedish lady clergyperson in the Diocese of, say, Västerås called (for the sake of argument) Ulla Karlsson. Next, imagine writing [...]

touching place

Holy Trinity, Teigh, Rutland This quiet little village inhabits the backwaters of the flat, farming landscape south-east of Melton Mowbray; sheep graze the churchyard around the little tower and nave. Next to the church is a fine Georgian Rectory used [...]

Sacred Vision

Peter Westfield reflects on the opportunities and challenges presented by the new translation of the Roman Missal and recommends some useful resources The new translation of the Roman Missal presents parishes which use the Roman Rite with both opportunities and [...]


So Many Everests A remarkable story of a woman’s fight to become a doctor leads Tom Sutcliffe to reflect more widely on the ideas of ability and disability One of my most remarkable and uplifting fellow members during more than [...]

Book of the month

John Richardson takes issue with an analysis of the phenomenon that is Sydney Anglicanism SYDNEY ANGLICANS AND THE THREAT TO WORLD ANGLICANISM The Sydney Experiment Muriel Porter Ashgate, 208pp, pbk, 978 1409420279, £19.99 Back in 1993, when I was an [...]

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