/September 2016 Articles

Thy Stomach’s Sake

Our cellarer's tips for September   Il Papavero NV Italian wine labels can be terrifying – there’s more red tape in Italian viticulture than at the opening of a particularly large publicly financed building project. If you don’t know the [...]

Forward in Food

‘Audubon’ favours curry   Scrolling through the television channels the other day, I came across Jamie Oliver plying his trade in the usual way. He was bashing away, throwing, and tossing – when suddenly he sprinkled smoked paprika over a [...]

September Diary

‘Thurifer’ recalls his time as an activist, among other things   Even from the perspective of two months, the maelstrom of events following the Referendum is dizzying. The resignation of the Prime Minister, the serial resignations from the Shadow Cabinet, [...]

The way we live now

Christopher Smith will not be locking the doors   In October 2010, a group of gunmen – ‘Islamists’, to use the currently approved word – burst into a church in Baghdad during the Sunday evening mass, and slaughtered their priest, [...]


The July editorial was out of date the day after it went to press – victim, in good company, of a phenomenon that Private Eye dubbed “Crystalballs”. To be fair to our sources at Westminster, no one could really have [...]


Peace in a Changing World John Newton, 1725-1807   Constant change affects our bearings, and we need to know that everything is going to be alright in the end. Nothing remains unquestioned – not even our faith – and the [...]