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Unto Your Holy Altar

Unto Your Holy Altar   Intended for Communion and Eucharistic Adoration   Unto Your Holy Altar, Sweet Jesus draw us near. And, lest our footsteps wander, We pray You hold us dear. On paten and in chalice Dear Jesus, manifest [...]

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Touching Place

S MARY MAGDALENE, GEDDINGTON, NORTHANTS   Spires define Northamptonshire, much as they do parts of Lincolnshire, and Geddington’s got a fine example from the 14th-15th c, with octagonal spire. The body of the church attached to it is pretty fine, [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

God in Creation   Andy Hawes   Harvest time: ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.’ For several years I have had the great privilege to conduct a quiet day in a church set in a National Trust property, Gunby Hall [...]

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The Anglican Patrimony

Arthur Middleton considers the influence of the divines   In the July edition, Fr Andy Hawes’ letter made a request that the Society lay claim to the orthodoxy that is at the heart of the Anglican patrimony. This was the [...]

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Becoming a Sacred Text

John Gayford writes about the prologue of St John’s Gospel   In ancient Greek drama a prologue was poetic, of fluid form, and served as introduction or pre-statement of what was to follow. This was not a feature of Hebrew [...]

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September Diary

William Davage remembers his days at Pusey House   Perhaps the saddest line in English literature is when Sir Andrew Aguecheek says, ‘I was adored once too...’ It speaks of the transient, impermanent nature of love, almost bereavement. I feel [...]

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Secular Liturgies

Tom Sutcliffe is in Salzburg   In 1996, when my book, Believing in Opera, about the theatre side of performing opera, came out, I went to the Aix-en-Provence Festival to review Semele, and for the following five years when I [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith reviews another glorious silly season   And so we have landed back in September after our August hiatus, and after a silly season which has lived up to all expectations.  Upon what might you want my considered opinion [...]

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The Canonisation of John Henry Newman this coming October will be an important event in the life of the Church in England. Newman is for both Anglicans and Roman Catholics a seminal figure in the lives of our churches. His [...]

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