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Touching place

S KYNEBURGA, CASTOR, HUNTS   Few places in England have such evidence for the continuity of human settlement and of Christian worship as does Castor. In Roman times, the garrison town of Durobrivae stood nearby. In 1975, ploughing at Water [...]

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Faith of Our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on Dogma, Devotion and Life   In 1939 Canon Demant pubished an important book The Religious Prospect. but because of the outbreak of war it did not attract the attention it deserved. In it he stated that the [...]

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On Reading Dante

Robin Ward celebrates the author of the Divine Comedy, who died on 14 September 1321   This year is the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante, the poet of whom T S Eliot said, ‘Dante and Shakespeare divide the [...]

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The Order of St John

Lionel Jarvis Prior of the Order in England, takes us on a journey across 900 years   The Order of St John of Jerusalem came into existence as a pilgrim hospital in Jerusalem the late 11th Century. The early visitors [...]

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September Diary

William Davage has taken up his pen   My 70th birthday party on a Saturday afternoon in February 2020 now seems something akin to the long, languorous summer of 1914 before the deluge of the Great War. By some miracle [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith has been back to the British Museum   This business of having a social life again is exhausting, isn’t it?  It has been good to be out and about again, and, among other things, to be back in [...]

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