A Faithful Remnant

New Directions reports on the state of the Scottish Episcopal Church   The Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) in its current form has a noble history, dating back to the 1690 Revolution Settlement. Early Celtic missionary saints like Ninian, Columba, Kentigern [...]


In the year 1000, fear of an impending end of the world associated Last Judgement receded, and a great church-building campaign began, especially in Italy and in France. In the lapidary expression of Raoul Glaber, an early 11th c. Cluniac [...]

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Anne Gardom visits a disturbing exhibition at the Imperial War Museum THE HOLOCAUST EXHIBITION – why another exhibition one might ask, when the subject has received so much attention already? There have been books, films, documentaries, of widely varying quality, [...]

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MR NICE AND MR NASTY EASTER IS ABOUT amnesty. God offers a free pardon to rebels against His Son’s kingly rule, if they will lay down their weapons and join His army. The events of Good Friday are the price [...]

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Francis Gardom takes a leaf out of Paul's book From time to time the Church of God suffers from an epidemic of a particular wrongdoing. Usually (by no means always) it is of a sexual variety. Yes – we all [...]

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