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Ghostly Counsel

Andy Hawes    The Name of Jesus   It is very striking that nowhere in the Gospels do the disciples call Jesus by his familiar name. He is addressed as ‘Lord,’ ‘Master,’ ‘Rabbi’ or ‘Teacher’. All four Evangelists throughout their [...]

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Let us pray for the King, enjoins Bradley Smith   There has been much speculation over the content of the coronation service. Which elements of traditional ritual will be quietly dropped? Will it be an inappropriately Christian affair? Will Christians [...]

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Faith and Order above all

John Gayford assesses the life of Saint Theodore of Tarsus, an outstanding Archbishop of Canterbury   Theodore was a Syrian Greek-speaking monk who spoke no English, and was not even a priest when he was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury and [...]

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ART   After Impressionism: Inventing Modern Art   National Gallery, London, until 13th August, 2023   This show looks at some of the art, primarily paintings made in France, in the years 1880-1914. The works were made by artists who [...]

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Festus   Will 2023 be the year we finally see a vintage from the vines planted in the vicinity of Walsingham some time ago? What new arrivals might we expect on the Shrine shop shelves? Chateau Vièrge maybe, or Domaine [...]

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Christopher Smith   I was recently amused by an irascible email from a friend about the ‘official’ coronation dish. ‘Coronation quiche!’, he exclaimed; ‘I might have known it would be vegetarian.’ The controversy (which might better be described as a [...]

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Highlights from this year’s services and sermons   The Bishop of Fulham At the beginning of the rite for the ordination of priests, according to the Common Worship ordinal, the bishop tells the congregation that priests are called to share [...]

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Thurifer   When Channel 4 began it was a high-brow operation but seemed rapidly to embrace the low-brow. It has much to answer for its part in the infantilisation of popular culture and the debasement and vulgarisation of political discourse. [...]

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Jonathan Baker   Every year, since ordination as a bishop, I have tried to spend the Sacred Triduum in the same place and with the same people, as I did for many years residentially with the community of Pusey House [...]

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Letters to the Editor

I have recently been watching items on the internet which chart the apparently inevitable break-up of the Anglican Communion over the issue of same-sex relationships. It seems clear that not only are several provinces of the Communion, ones with considerable [...]

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