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Whine, Women and Wrong "SEXUAL APARTHEID" - "the Stained -Glass Ceiling" - "Harassment and Abuse of Women Priests" The headlines abounded as the feminist lobby took to the media last month to launch their latest attack on the Church of [...]

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Nigel Holmes identifies the reasons behind the huge support he has received for initiating a national debate about the state of BBC Religious Broadcasting IT IS NOT GIVEN to many, other than prominent politicians, to prompt public debate. From modest [...]

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Geoffrey Kirk concludes that whatever the Anglican Communion is, it is not a Church ON JANUARY 29, 2000 two American priests, Chuck Murphy and John Rodgers, were consecrated in St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore by the Anglican Archbishops of Rwanda and [...]

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SPLASH WEDNESDAY 1 While dreary old traditionalists were beating their breasts and covering themselves in sackcloth and ashes on the first day of Lent , others were finding a more socially relevant and consumer friendly way of ushering in the [...]

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Less Full Than It Was

Edwin Barnes attempts to understand the impairment of Communion stemming from the ordination of women FROM THE OUTSET, it has been apparent that the ordination of women to the priesthood was and would remain a disputed matter. Because of this, [...]

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Bishop Lindsay Urwin continues our series of twelve meditations on the doctrines of the Creed in preparation for our Christ Our Future event on June 10 JESUS LAYS DOWN his life "in order to take it up again", and in [...]

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Death and Resurrection in Conflict PARTICIPATION in the liturgical rites of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter is for the Christian a living encounter in the conflict between death and resurrection through insertion into these historic events. For Lancelot Andrewes [...]

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The eyes of the whole world have recently been fixed on an old man making the journey of a lifetime. And the whole world has concurred that the Pope's pilgrimage was a triumph for him personally and for the Church. [...]

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