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The Easter Triumph TODAY'S LIFESTYLE GREGORY DIX, an Anglican Benedictine monk, described a lifestyle during the middle years of the twentieth century that is still present today. As he reflected on the Eucharist as the pattern of a solution for [...]

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Patrick Reardon contemplates Mary as "the fixed goal of the eternal plan": the hinge of the two Testaments SINCE SHE APPEARS only in the New Testament, it seems strange to think of the Virgin Mary as pertaining to the Old [...]

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Highways and Byways of Hymns Of Great Smith and spotting the difference YOU PASS REVERENTLY through the sacred portals of Church House Bookshop, Great Smith Street. You have come from the Abbey or General Synod or a Whitehall sit-in. Discreet [...]

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Geoffrey Kirk unravels a feminist fantasy ONE OF THE MOST bizarre features of the debate about the ordination of women to the priesthood in the Church of England was the claim made by proponents to have found iconographical evidence of [...]

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a 3-part guide to Sanctity with Sanity Christopher Idle begins part one of a new series: SO THEY ARE MAKING YOU A BISHOP! - ten guidelines for new entrants. LET ME EXPLAIN. All of us hanker after goodness. Not much, [...]

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The Grammar of Dissent

WHICH IS WORSE, heresy or schism?, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church asked its Executive Council (a sort of Archbishops' Council of Episcopalianism) at a recent meeting in Parsippany, New Jersey. His answer was predictable. Heresy, he opined, can [...]

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Philip Davies traces the history of a feminist fabrication GODDESS SPIRITUALITY has made a remarkable entry into the religious and cultural life of the English-speaking world. At first encounter, its basic message seems preposterous: thousands of years ago, human beings [...]

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We have engaged in honest conversation and prayerful reflection together. We have spoken of what it means to become a communion, recognizing that we are on the way. We are in the process of growing up in Christ, and in [...]

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